The Order of the Rainbow Moon
and the
Rainbow Moon Goddess School

The Rainbow Moon is a sister Order of the Order of the White Moon, an
international eclectic Order of women devoted to the Goddess and to the
principle of feminine deity, regardless of spiritual Path.  

The Order of the Rainbow Moon provides priestess training to transgendered
seekers and their significant others, and is headed by the Rev. Lady Kerritwyn
Ceannaire, a High Priestess and legally ordained minister who spent a year in a
formal Garderian-trad Coven, who thereafter joined the White Moon School in
1999, and who is now a High Priestess and a member of the Council of High
Priestesses and the Board of Directors of the Order of the White Moon.

ALL transgendered seekers, from closeted cross dressers to post-op
transsexuals, are welcome, so tolerance for the diversity of the transgender
community is a minimum requisite to join our school.  Kerritwyn is a genetic
woman married to a male-to-female transgendered spouse, and has been an ally
of the transgender community for over ten years.

Please review the information
here and here before beginning the process of
joining the Rainbow Moon school by subscribing to our yahoo group,
here .  The
Rainbow Moon school offers traditional White Moon teachings to transgender
students. The course of study includes four levels, with sixteen lessons and an
initiation at each level, and involves a minimal tuition fee of $30 for each group
of four lessons, or $120 per Level. These fees are mandated by the Order's
Board of Directors, and are uniform across all our Goddess schools.

You will receive an email from Kerritwyn, after you apply to this group, detailing
your next steps, should you wish to enroll. Please also feel free to contact
Kerritwyn directly, at , or at, should you have any interim questions about enrollment.

Many blessings on your path!
Disclaimer ~ The author of this site is an ordained Minister and the Mother High Priestess of two schools that offer Goddess
teachings as an affiliate of a nonprofit religious corporation, The Order of the White Moon.  She makes no profit from any of
this work.  Certain images of the Triple Goddess are used throughout this site which were found in various places on the
Internet.  Where the artist is known, credit is given.  If you see your work without your name, PLEASE tell me and I will
insert a copyright notice on your behalf immediately, including a link to your web site.  Any use of web images is intended solely
to glorify She whom we adore, the Triple Goddess beloved of so many people in so many different cultures and traditions, past
and present.
Transgendered Women,
whether you identify as TV/CD/TG/TS,
please join us to explore Goddess in the
Rainbow Moon Goddess School!
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