~ Welcome to The Sacred Three! ~
For various and complex reasons, many of us who feel a strong connection with
immanent and transcendent Deity have a difficult time believing in or
participating in religious or spiritual rituals that elevate and sanctify the sexist
traditions of our current socially and culturally dominant patriarchal religious
traditions.  Many of us were raised in one of those patriarchal religions, and
knew that we, as women, were not valued, celebrated or appreciated.

Loving Goddess, and rejoicing in Her presence all around us, is a joyous and
completely satisfying way for many of us to immerse ourselves in the delight of
Her vibrant energy in every aspects of our lives.  Loving Her, we unite with all
Her creation, and do Her work, as She shines within us, and works with us and
through us.

The Sacred Three was established to teach the formal curriculum of the Order
of the White Moon, and to establish a community of sisters who share their own
karmic challenges, and who adore Her in Her three sacred forms, as Maiden,
Mother and Crone.  These three phases of life all women go through each embody
extraordinary gifts and powers.
Why two different Goddess Schools?

Women in all our splendor, glory and diversity have been particularly harmed by
the sexist, patriarchal, exclusive visions of a male God foisted upon us as the
purported "only choice" available to us for the ecstasy of spiritual communion.

Because of a lifetime of oppression, often including rape and other abuses,
women born biologically women, and raised as women, feel a strong need for a
women-born-women-only environment for teaching and sharing Goddess studies,
and for Ritual practice. Many of us need safe space to fully heal the harm done
to us as girls and women, in Her light, and so
The Sacred Three Goddess School
enrolls only women identified as female at birth, and raised as women.

Transgendered women, defined here as persons born biologically male and
raised as male, but who feel a strong inner sense of female gender, have also, in
many cases, suffered a lifetime of oppression, and also revel in a redefinition of
Deity as Goddess, celebrating all within and without that is of and by Her, as a
part of their work to more fully realize the joy of expressing their inner
female gender.  Transwomen who express being transgendered as
transvestites, cross dressers, transgenderists, or transsexuals at any stage of
transition, are welcome to enroll in the
Rainbow Moon Goddess School .   

Both schools teach the curriculum of the
Order of the White Moon, as
developed by our founder, the Rev. Lady Luna Blanca, High Priestess.  These
studies include three Levels, with 16 lessons in each Level, as well as other
related research and public service projects, as a minimum requisite for
successful completion.  An additional fourth Level is available to students who
seek to themselves become legally ordained ministers and High Priestesses of
the Order of the White Moon, a state and federally registered 501 c 3
nonprofit religious corporation.  The Council of High Priestesses evaluates the
merits of each candidate for Level IV.
Introduction to Kerritwyn Ceannaire

The teacher of both schools, and the author of this site, is the Rev. Lady
Kerritwyn Ceannaire, High Priestess and legally ordained minister, under the
auspices of the Order of the White Moon.  Kerritwyn is Celtic Irish and was
raised Catholic, but searched most of her life for a spiritual path that
reflected her feminism and her rejection of sexist prejudice and
discrimination against women both in the Catholic tradition and in other
religious traditions she explored.

In 1998, after returning from a trip to Ireland, Kerritwyn found a reference
to Celtic Wicca on the Internet, started exploring it, and, within an hour, knew
that she was finally *home*, spiritually.  Her explorations eventually led her to
the White Moon School, opened in 1999.  The group of women who thereafter
joined the School worked together to legally incorporate the Order of the
White Moon in 2003.

Kerritwyn now has over one hundred students in her two schools, and is the
President of the Order's Board of Directors and the Head of the Order.  In
mundane life, Kerritwyn has a doctorate, is employed full time and is happily
married to her soul mate.  They live on 23 acres in northern York County, in
southcentral Pennsylvania.
The Order of
T h e   S a c  r e d  T h r e e
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Disclaimer ~ The author of this site is an ordained Minister and the Mother High Priestess of two schools that offer Goddess
teachings as an affiliate of a nonprofit religious corporation, The Order of the White Moon.  She makes no profit from any of
this work.  Certain images of the Triple Goddess are used throughout this site which were found in various places on the
Internet.  Where the artist is known, credit is given.  If you see your work without your name, PLEASE tell me and I will insert
a copyright notice on your behalf immediately, including a link to your web site.  Any use of web images is intended solely to
glorify She whom we adore, the Triple Goddess beloved of so many people in so many different cultures and traditions, past and
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The Goddess is all
that we are, all that
we seek, and all
that we wish to be.

The Goddess
walks with us on our
path through this
encouraging us to be
the best we can be,
to live with honor,
honesty and
integrity, to heal, to
love and to be loved.

The Goddess
animates every
living thing and all
forms of energy
with Her light, and
calls to us to form
deep communion
with all energy,
entities and living
things around us.
The Goddess is in us,
and works with us and
through us.  Her light
shines within all that
we do that is good and
generous and loving and
The Goddess is all
that has been, all that
is, and all that will be.  
As Above, So Below.
She changes everything
She touches, and
everything She
touches, canges.
Offering the Teachings of the
Order of the White Moon
We who are here love the Goddess in all Her forms,
as She walks with us on our path through our current lifetimes.  

All Her many names are Her true names!

Why do we choose to name Deity as Goddess?
Are we Witches?  Some of us are.  Some of us are Shamans, some revere the Norse traditions, some are
Dianic, some are Buddhists, and some are Christo-Pagans, among others.  We in the Order of the White Moon are
very deliberately ECLECTIC, and celebrate the freedom and diversity of our sisters.   This means that, though
all of our Order's schools teach the common curriculum of Levels I - III developed by Rev. Luna Blanca, H.P., we
do not mandate any thealogy other than compliance with the Rede, to do what we will so long as it harms none, and
the Rule of Three, the karmic law that what you "send out" comes back to you at three times the power under
which you sent it out.   The Order's H.P.'s and Board of Directors work hard to respect the right of each student
to create her own ritual practices and belief system, within the strictures of the Rede and the Rule of Three.
All things cycle, in the
way of
The Goddess.  As
Her Moon waxes and
wanes, the patterns of
our lives also wax and
wane, in our
relationships, our moods
and our health.  We revel
in Her changes, or
endure them, knowing
that all Cycles begin again.